In Siunissaq art, dialogue and movement generate free thinking and paths of development by building 

confidence, trust, and empathy in Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland.

Siunissaq is an independent association (a cooperative) that aims at building social and cultural sustainability, community-based action research, social justice, Human Rights, equality – through open dialogue and community art.

Siunissaq creates the space to cultivate the joy and strength we need to meet the challenges and pain that are an inevitable part of our lives and the lives we share.

Siunissaq is an open, creative and dialogue-based process of collective learning, a social movement where people in communities – young people, their families, their teachers, and social workers and artists – come together to build knowledge, create change, generate agency, and celebrate our love of life in local communities in Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland.

In Siunissaq we do not work with people, we work together with them. We are not interested in moulding people. Our focus is the meaningful aspects of the lives we share: hope, joy, capability, having values, and looking after each other in a strong network that provides protection from violence and abuse. We do not want to change anyone, but together we hope to generate more hope, joy, resourcefulness, values, care, and protection.”                                                                                                                      –    Peter Berliner & Tina Enghoff: Collaboration, Dialogue and Trust, 2019

Read more about the theory and philosophy behind SIUNNISSAQ in “COLLABORATION, DIALOGUE and TRUST – Art and resilience in Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland” by Peter Berliner og Tina Enghoff:


Siunissaq means the future in Greenlandic, and is the name of the art-based, psychosocial project with young people, initiated in Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland in 2015.

Siunissaq is an independent organization (NGO, coop) of artists and community psychologists in Greenland and the Arctic.

More than 700 young people have participated in Siunissaq’s workshops and exhibitions and events in public space in Tasiilaq, Nanortalik, Maniitsoq, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Atammik in Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland. Based and on trust, dialogue and respect for the realities people face in the Arctic, the approach of the project has global resonance and relevance for community-based projects and challenging colonialism.



Peter Berliner, Community and Clinical Psychologist. Responsible of the psychosocial workshops and co-founder of Siunissaq.

Elena de Casas Soberón, Clinical and Community Psychologist. Responsible of the psychosocial workshops and co-founder of Siunissaq.

Tina Enghoff, Visual Artist. Responsible of the Artistic practice with focus on site-specific community events in Siunissaq, co-founder of Siunissaq.

Søren Zeuth, Photographer. Responsible of photography workshops in Siunissaq, became part of the founding group of Siunissaq 2017.



Peter Berliner, Community Psychologist, Professor, Chairperson for the Art and Community Association Siunissaq