About the towns

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About the towns

Nanortalik (1)

Nanortalik is the southernmost town in Greenland. The town has 1500 inhabitants and 6 villages and several sheep stations with a total of about 800 inhabitants. Thirty two percent of these inhabitants are between the ages of 0-19. The closest city is Qaqortok, with about 3200 inhabitants. It is also the headquarters for the Kujalleq municipality. Nanortalik and Qaqoetoq are located about a 30 minute helicopter ride away or just a few hours away by sail.

Tasilaq is situated in East Greenland and has a growing population of around 2000 inhabitants. There are additionally 5 surrounding settlements with a total of about 500 inhabitants. About 30% of these are under 14 years old. Tasiilaq is one of Greenland’s most isolated towns and is cut off from the rest of Greenland by the inland ice. The closest major town is Reykjavik in Iceland. It takes about three hours to fly (by plane and then helicopter) to Tasiilaq from Iceland. Tasiilaq belongs to Greenland’s largest municipality Kommunegarfiq Sermersooq, which Nuuk is also a part of.

The town of Tasiilaq was founded in 1894 under the name Ammassalik and was without any western influence until 125 years ago. The East Greenlandic culture is unique, an East Greenlandic dialect is spoken, which is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the Greenlandic languages. The town of Ittoqortoormiit has fewer than 500 inhabitants and is situated about 800 km to the north. Together with Tasiilaq, they are the only towns on the 3000 km long stretch of Eastern Greenlandic coast.