Behind the project

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Behind the project


The project was developed in collaboration with the towns of Nanortalik and Tasiilaq. Working groups consisting of local resource persons including youths in both towns have contributed with input to the project’s activities and continue to do so.

In the towns we collaborate with institutions, i.e. schools, family houses and shelters as well as other relevant parties with key interfaces to the activities. The project is also affiliated with youth groups in both towns. See the list of the young people involved here.

The working groups in the towns consist of:


Eli Abelsen, Manager of Piareersarfik

Anna Kuitse

Nukannguaq Kristiansen, Primary school teacher

Ado Jonathansen, Primary school teacher

Nunuuma Olsen, Consultant, Familiehuset


Jens Korneliussen, the Department for Children and Youth Administration, Kujalleq Municipality

Anders Olsen, Leader of Piareersarfik

Brian Jespersen, Deputy Inspector, Primary school

Adolf Silassen, Family Consultant, Familiehuset

Project management

The project is coordinated and managed by:

Peter Berliner,Professor in Community Psychology Institute of Teaching and Learning at Aarhus University (AU) and Ilisimatusarfik, Nuuk. Peter is responsible for the research behind the project.

Tina Enghoff, Photographer and visual artist. Tina is responsible for the creative activities and the artistic presentations of the project.

Grethe Nymark, Project manager.

Background and collaborations

Peter Has a long and varied career as a researcher behind him. He is professor at the Institute of Teaching and Learning at Aarhus University. He is also associated with the University of Nuuk as an adjunct professor, where he teaches students studying social work and psychology. Peter also researches and teaches practitioners in a resilience program in Mexico, where the purpose is to create a more peaceful existence in local communities affected by violence. Peter has experience of developing courses of treatment for families and evaluations from projects for humanitarian organisations. He is the editor of several scientific journals.

Tina has a long career in visual art and photography. She has experience of teaching and the development of participant based social art projects in Greenland and Denmark. She also has a series of very renowned art projects behind her. Tina has published several books and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Together, Peter, Tina and Grethe form the team responsible for research, visual expression, graphic design, activities, project management, communicationa and fundraising.

Our collaborating partner in The Bikuben Foundation is program manager, Sine Egede.