children and young people

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Involvement of children and young people

We need to work at making children, young people and families a resource for the towns and for Greenland and to create initiatives, motivation and – most importantly – courage!

In our work with the project, we will be strengthening resilience in the local community. By strengthening trust, community, and the ability to act, we create resilience to withstand the neglect that many have suffered.

We call this courage.

This method will involve children and young people in artistic, creative and physical activities to strengthen them in taking responsibility for their own lives and contributing to society.

In all these activities, the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the pivotal point. Children and young people participate by being a part of deciding which rights they want to work with, what makes most sense for them. The starting point for the activities has been to create the framework for a process and for the artistic-creative development via coaching from professionals, who support the participants in expressing themselves through the format of the workshop in question.

The likelihood of creating a strong and authentic expression is greater because children and young people are heard and become visible. They are the ones who create the material. Professionals ensure that the design and visibility follow.

The project takes place in two towns in South and East Greenland; Nanortalik and Tasiilaq.

See the posters for teaching the rights of the child here
The text on the posters is from the Convention on the Rights of the Child in a mediated form. It has been made available by MIO and comes from the book, ‘Jeg har rettigheder! Børnekonventionen, 2012’.