New website coming soon!

The project
Siunissaq uagut pigaarput
has a new name:

At the beginning of 2019 the project was reformulated in accordance with the values developed in dialogue with local communities in Greenland, and we are busy making a new website to reflect and share the values, knowledge and activities developed by SIUNISSAQ.

SIUNISSAQ is an extensive and active network of young people, parents, health and social workers, researchers and artists in the towns and villages of Greenland. Through experiences of learning and art focusing on photography we work together towards our shared goals.

SIUNISSAQ’s anchor is a solid collaboration with University of Greenland/ Ilisimatusarfik’s Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research (Miiqi). The project is also part of a joint Nordic research partnership on the relationship between art and social communities.

Through UArtic SIUNISSAQ is in active collaboration with researchers on children and adolescents in the Inuit communities of Siberia, Canada and Greenland.

In 2019 SIUNISSAQ published the book Collaboration, Dialogue and Trust:  Art and Social Resilience in Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland by Peter Berliner and Tina Enghoff, a collaboration with the University of Greenland/ Ilisimatusarfik.

SIUNISSAQ is a hub of activities and has established a series of new partnerships in Greenland.

The new website will be your portal to SIUNISSAQ 2021.

For more information on

please do not hesitate to contact:

Peter Berliner
Professor of Community Psychology, Ilisimatusarfik

Tel: +299 285634


Tina Enghoff
Visual artist

Tel: +45 28141707


Grethe Nymark

Tel: +45 20182934