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Fortitude – resilience

DSC00944A core concept in the project is resilience.

In the project we work both practically and theoretically with resilience.

The project will build on the terms trust and community as a way of discussing about fortitude as social and communal resilience.

Fortitude is what we will be building and when we work with strengthening resilience, i.e. trust and community, we build human resilience and courage.

Social resilience is about strengthening fortitude in people.

Social resilience is about ensuring basic human rights, because these provide people with access to development opportunities even in situations of adversity and where there are risk factors involved.

To build resilience in people (social resilience), the feeling of control over common life conditions, co-determination and active involvement, meaningful communal activities and mutual social support are factors which increase well being and reduce the risk of failure to thrive, depression, loneliness, stress, sickness and an early death. An important part of this is building and maintaining social belonging, i.e. social cohesion.

Community resilience aims to strengthen resilience among people within the local community. Here, resilience strengthens the local community’s overall capacity to withstand and develop in spite of risk factors. Community resilience is created in a context, which promotes respect for the rights of all and is resource-oriented, acknowledging and community-oriented.