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Research Methods and Field Methods

The research methods aim to create a general theory of how social resilience – also referred to as trust, community, and empowerment – can be built in small communities in Greenland.

The research will utilise both experiential and indigenous knowledge. The indigenous peoples’ epistemilogical approaches and other ways of viewing the world will be used directly in the research on an equal footing as other worldviews and epistemologies.

The research will, as far as possible be made concrete, equal, relational, based on time and place and will try to create increased wellbeing among those involved in the research.

The research takes place on the basis of participation and involves locals who will be involved as assistants in connection with the implementation of the research, gathering of data, interpretation and presentation of it.

The purpose is to build capacity for reflecting and dealing with knowledge of one’s own society.

The field method is the way in which the project will be addressed in practice.

In practice, we work with existing possibilities.

And we focus on doing what works and doing more of it..

Our basic approach to the project is to do what we say we will do. 

And to say, this is what we are doing.

The results will be made public locally and in the rest of Greenland at the end.
The research results will be disseminated internationally in relevant journals and in a mediated version in relevant media.